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= improve leaves → sich (ver)färben; (milk) → sauer werden; (meat) → schlecht werden; (temperature) → umschlagen; to turn to stone → zu Stein werden; his admiration turned to scorn → seine Bewunderung verwandelte sich in Verachtung ? to turn into sth → sich in etw (acc) → verwandeln; (= create into) → sich zu etw entwickeln; their quick keep turned into a three-month go to → aus ihrem Kurzaufenthalt wurde ein Aufenthalt von drei Monaten; the prince was a frog → der Prinz verwandelte sich in einen Frosch; the whole thing become a nightmare → die ganze Sache wurde zum Albtraum

Idea: If you need each of the tables expanded, it is least complicated to broaden them from the bottom to the highest.

transfer, displace - lead to to maneuver or change right into a new posture or place, both in a very concrete As well as in an summary sense; "Shift Those people bins in the corner, remember to"; "I'm relocating my funds to a different lender"; "The director moved additional obligations onto his new assistant"

3. To begin functioning or lead to to start operating: The vehicle's motor turned more than. The starter could not switch the engine more than.

transform - channel 1's notice, interest, believed, or notice toward or far from one thing; "The pedophile turned to boys for gratification"; "people today transform to mysticism for the flip of a millennium"

transfer - move so as to vary posture, perform a nontranslational movement; "He moved his hand slightly to the proper"

(of two or more people) to do anything a person after the other, not at the same time. They took turns to search once the baby. beurte neem/maak يَتَناوَب العَمَل редувам се revezar-se střídat se sich abwechseln skiftes til κάνω κτ. εκ περιτροπής turnarse, relevarse vaheldumisi (midagi) tegema به نوبت انجام دادن tehdä jtk vuorotellen faire (qqch.) à tour de rôle לִפעוֹל לְפִי תּוֹר पारी बदल कर कुछ करना izmjenjivati se felváltva végeznek vmit bergiliran skiptast á (fare a turno) 交替してやる 교대로 하다 keistis, daryti iš eilės nomainīt citam citu bergilir-gilir om beurten doen skiftes om zmieniać się przy, robić coś na zmianę په نوبت سره سرته رسول revezar-se a deal with cu rândul делать поочерёдно striedať sa medsebojno se menjavati smenjivati se turas om สลับกัน sırayla/nöbetleşe yapmak 依次 чергуватися; робити щось по черзі باري باري سے کرنا lần lượt 依次

in turn one by one, one after the other, in succession, one particular right after another There have been cheers for each person since they spoke consequently.

grow, turn - move right into a condition progressively, take on a particular residence or attribute; come to be; "The climate turned nasty"; "She grew indignant"

switch - to interrupt and switch above earth Specially that has a plow; "Farmer Jones plowed his east industry past 7 days"; "change the earth while in the Spring"

change - adjust orientation or route, also from the abstract sense; "Flip in the direction of me"; "The mugger anonymous turned and fled just before I could see his experience"; "She turned from herself and acquired to hear Some others' requires"

drop - go all of a sudden and passively right into a state of entire body or mind; "fall right into a entice"; "She fell sick"; "They fell from favor"; "Slide in love"; "drop asleep"; "tumble prey to an imposter"; "fall into an odd method of imagining"; "she fell to pieces soon after she shed her function"

vi +prep obj corner → biegen um vi = flip about VI; the wheel turns all over on its axis → das Rad dreht sich um seine Achse ? switch apart vi → sich abwenden (from von) vt sep → abwenden ? change absent vi → sich abwenden vt sep (= shift) head, eyes, gun → abwenden

still left - a switch towards the facet of the body that is around the north Continue when the individual is struggling with east; "take a remaining within the corner"

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